Efficient Cloud Egress (ECE)

Our service Efficient Cloud Egress (ECE) will provide you a bandwidth with a market price for your outgoing traffic on the cloud providers taking advantage of the services AWS DirectConnect or Azure ExpressRoute.

ECE is offered in two modalities: Shared or “Dedicated”

  • Shared: XPnTI establishes the connection between the client cloud area and our redundantly access point of presence, displaying computer servers in the cloud infrastructure “and/between” the point of presence. The Shared modality is prepared to deliver published content publicly available in the common areas between XPnTI and the cloud provider. Some examples of the service are:
    • Content delivery from S3: Indicates the bucket to be published, uploads the SSL certificate in case of being necessary, and changes the DNS pointing to the IP service in XPnTI. Reduction of data transfer cost about half and have accelerated the access. 0€ by AWS and 0,05€/GB by XPnTI from the first GB
    • Cost improvement in application EC2/ELB: Indicates the name of the endpoint ELB/EC2 to be published, raises the SSL certificate and changes the DNS. In this case AWS charges 0.01$/GB for the access, using public IP address in the same area. Azure considers internal traffic even through public IP free of cost.


  • Pay as you go
    1TB pack
    10TB pack
  • Dedicated: XPnTI sets the dedicated connection between the VPC/VNet of the client and his/s VLAN/s dedicated in our point of presence close to the region of the cloud. The customer deploys the necessary services in the two ends. Customers choose this option when:
    • Interconnect systems on your corporate network with your VPC. Usually in Hybrid Cloud environments.
    • Special needs of capacity or security that recommend dedicated capabilities.
    • Very high consumption of data transfer that allows to compensate for the costs of dedicated service to reduce the 0.01$/GB that AWS bills for communication using public IP address.

Currently we support AWS EU-West-1 and Azure EU-North, but shortly we will add new suppliers, Google Cloud Platform, Softlayer, Oracle Cloud, VMware vCloud Air according to the demand.

In dedicated mode, supporting any provider present in Equinix LD5